Patient Testimonials

Blue Heron Dentistry combines state-of-the-art technology, a modern, patient-friendly facility and support staff with the amazing skills of Dr. Maze and Dr. Aswad to provide unequaled dental care. -C. David P.
It seems like I have been going to see Dr. Maze, Sue and the rest of the staff for my whole life, though, I guess it's been a little less time than that! They feel like a family and always make me feel welcome and cared for, I can't imagine going anywhere else. -Allison B.
Our family has been happily seeing Dr. Maze for years now. She and her staff provide excellent professional services in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. -Claudia S.
I can now tell myself that I am lucky and fortunate to have a professional dentist and office staff taking care of my dental needs. I am confident in Dr Maze abilities and to make sure my gums and teeth stay healthy for many years to come. -Tim O.








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