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Blue Heron Dentistry: Welcome to Wellness

At Blue Heron Dentistry, we believe dental health is an important factor in overall good health. In addition to providing preventive general and cosmetic dentistry, we take great care in educating patients on the connection between periodontal disease and overall cardiac health. Communication between patients, staff, and Dr. Maze is a priority, as well as the desire to teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene at home.

Blue Heron Dentistry breaks the mold of the typical dental office by offering the most advanced technology, facility and dental techniques in the industry. Home to Dr. Heather L. Maze, Blue Heron Dentistry is an inspiration from the area’s beloved bird, the Great Blue Heron.

Just as the Blue Heron is known for its vision, Blue Heron Dentistry’s vision is to develop lifelong relationships with patients. We evaluate patients’ expectations of dentistry, then strive to deliver optimal care from gentle hands. Our vision is to help patients achieve the highest level of oral health available in dentistry.

Why Choose Blue Heron Dentistry

At Blue Heron Dentistry, Dr. Maze’s passion for patient care goes beyond oral hygiene with an added focus on nutrition, exercise, cardiovascular care, and overall health management.

Many lifestyle factors play a big role in the health of one’s teeth. Dr. Maze can identify potential underlying health issues beyond oral care with advanced technology of dental exams, screenings and evaluations, which can show more than just tooth problems.

For instance, diabetes can affect a periodontal condition which can be detected upon exam. At Blue Heron Dentistry, our goal to help patients achieve overall optimal good health.

At Blue Heron Dentistry, patient comfort and convenience is a priority. Our office is equipped to offer crowns and restorations, full digital x-rays, DigitalDoc® intraoral camera exams, and other state-of-the-art features, such as a sterilization center, eight fully equipped specialized exam rooms, and an in-office lab.

Blue Heron Dentistry is dedicated to achieving the highest level of education in our field so patients can depend on us for all they need and want. Our vision is to develop a partnership of trust, goodwill and confidence demonstrated by the personal care we provide.

Blue Heron Dentistry Specialties

Periodontic Treatment 90
Preventive, Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry 95
Full Coverage Crowns & Inlays 85
Bridges, Dentures & Partials 75