Dr. Maze

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Dr. Maze, Blue Heron DentistryMeet Dr. Maze

Dr. Maze was born in Columbus, Ohio. She considers her hometown Hartville, Ohio where she attended Uniontown Lake High School.

It was during her middle school years of wearing braces that she decided she wanted to be an orthodontist. She took high school classes prepping her for college where she attended Muskingum University and received her BS in Biology. While at Muskingum Dr. Maze took prep courses preparing her for dental school where she attended The College of Dentistry at The Ohio State University.

After graduating from Dental school Dr. Maze was re-united with an old high school friend that later became her partner in marriage for life, Chris. Together they have three sons, Matthew, Joshua and David.

Dr. Maze started up the Stark County Health Department and worked there for a couple of years while also working for a practice in Medina. Dr. Maze resides in Medina, Ohio with her family. In 1999, Dr. Maze was acquainted with Dr. MacKay where the two of them had the same ethical and philosophic beliefs and became partners with Dr. Maze eventually taking over the practice upon Dr. MacKay’s retirement.

Dr. Maze always had a dream to build a state of the art practice enabling her to offer the very best to her patients. Blue Heron Dentistry was built and established in 2008.

Dr. Maze loves to travel and spend time with her family. When time allows she likes to scrapbook. Health and wellness are important to her so she makes it a priority to exercise and eat right. She enjoys reading to help her in both personal and spiritual growth. Dr. Maze and her family are actively involved in their church family. In 2012, Dr. Maze and her husband went on a mission trip to Haiti, providing dental care for over 200 Haitians.