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At Blue Heron Dentistry, we believe dental health is an important factor in overall good health. In addition to providing general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, we take great care in educating patients on the connection between periodontal disease and overall cardiac health. Communication between patients, staff, and Dr. Maze is a priority, as well as the desire to teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene at home.

Blue Heron Dentistry breaks the mold of the typical dental office by offering the most advanced technology, facility and dental techniques in the industry. Home to Dr. Heather L. Maze, Blue Heron Dentistry is an inspiration from the area’s beloved bird, the Great Blue Heron.

Just as the Blue Heron is known for its vision, Blue Heron Dentistry’s vision is to develop lifelong relationships with patients. We evaluate patients’ expectations of dentistry, then strive to deliver optimal care from gentle hands. Our vision is to help patients achieve the highest level of oral health available in dentistry.

Dr. Heather Maze, DDS

Copley, OH Dentist
Heather Maze, DDS

Though born in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Maze considers her hometown Hartville, where she attended Uniontown Lake High School.

She decided on dentistry as a career in middle school, after having experienced wearing braces. She took college prep classes in high school, and attended Muskingum University, receiving her BS in Biology. At Muskingum, Dr. Maze took prep courses for dental school, and attended The College of Dentistry at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Maze began her career at the Stark County Health Department as well as working with a practice in Medina, Ohio where she resides with her family. In 1999, Dr. Maze met Dr. MacKay. Upon discovering they shared the same ethical and philosophic beliefs, they became partners. Dr. Maze took over the practice upon Dr. MacKay’s retirement.

Dr. Maze had always dreamed of building a state of the art practice where she could offer the very best to her patients. Blue Heron Dentistry was built and established in 2008.

Upon graduation from Dental school, Dr. Maze re-united with a high school friend, Chris, who later became her partner in marriage for life. Together they have three sons, Matthew, Joshua and David. Dr. Maze loves to travel and spend time with her family. When time allows she likes to scrapbook. Health and wellness are important to her so she makes it a priority to exercise and eat right. She enjoys reading to help her in both personal and spiritual growth. Dr. Maze and her family are actively involved in their church family. In 2012, Dr. Maze and her husband went on a mission trip to Haiti, providing dental care for over 200 Haitians.

 I have had the best dental care at this office since I started there 11 years ago.  My gums are healthy, my smile is great and, unlike with my previous dentist, her work has lasted.  Dr. Maze also has an interest in the effect of dental health on medical health especially heart disease, and as a physician, I appreciate this. She also sits and talks to me like I am a member of the family, and
it is a nice personal experience to go there.

Joyce M.

Blue Heron Dentistry –
Copley, Bath, Montrose OH

4645 Medina Road, Copley OH 44321


Monday:  8:00am – 5:00pm with lunch from 1-2
Tuesday:  7:00am – 3:00pm
Wednesday:  Closed
Thursday:  8:00am – 5:00pm with lunch from 1-2
Friday:  7:00am – 3:00pm

Easy to reach from I-77 @ Route 18 (Medina Road), and just minutes from Montrose, Bath, Granger and Sharon Townships, Blue Heron Dentistry is in a free-standing building with ample free parking and a traffic light at the entrance to our driveway. Click here for directions.

Blue Heron Dentistry is Committed to Your Overall Health

Experience complete dental care in a spa-like setting, where you can relax and receive high-level treatments,
screenings and guidance to maintain optimal health. Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t worry. Join the Club!

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