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Our Vision is to Develop Lifelong Relationships

A Blue Heron is known for its vision. Our vision is to develop lifelong relationships with our patients. We evaluate our patients’ expectations of dentistry in order to deliver optimal care from gentle hands. Our vision is to help our patients achieve the highest level of oral health available in dentistry. We educate our patients so they will choose and value the health that dentistry enhances.

Trust, Goodwill & Confidence

We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of education in our field so our patients can depend on us for guidance on all their health and dentistry needs and wants. Our vision is to develop a partnership of trust, goodwill and confidence demonstrated by the personal care we provide.

The best dental care can only be provided on the basis of mutual understanding. We encourage our patients to discuss any questions that you may have regarding our policies.

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We value your trust and confidence in our ability to address your individual dental care needs.

We focus on providing you with the most state-of-the-art technology to enhance your dental experience. You will find our personal care and attention both soothing and entrusting. Your experience is just as important to us as your clinical care.

Initial Examination with Dr, Maze

At your very first visit with us, Dr. Maze reserves time just for you to complete a very comprehensive examination. Dr. Maze will collect information such as radiographs, impressions of your teeth, oral cancer screening, and a full periodontal evaluation. This is a time where you can express your dental concerns and get to know Dr. Maze. Dr. Maze truly values this time to develop a one-on-one relationship and getting to know you personally. After spending time with Dr. Maze, your next scheduled appointment will be with one of our hygienists.

Warm, Personable and Attentive Care

From the moment you enter Blue Heron Dentistry, you will be greeted by our warm, personable and attentive staff. The atmosphere is serene, relaxing, and spa-like. Your dental experience will be performed with the very best, technologically advanced procedures. We use the highest quality restorative materials and clinical care in order to provide you with naturally beautiful and healthy teeth. Once you experience Blue Heron Dentistry you will never look at your dental visits the same way again.

Payment & Insurance

Thank you for choosing Blue Heron Dentistry as your dental provider. Payment of your bill is considered part of your treatment and understanding of, and compliance with, our financial policies and procedures are important.

Payment for services rendered are due at the time of services. You are responsible for paying your co-insurance. We accept all insurances; however we are NOT part of any network provider and/or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)*. This could mean that coverage may vary. Please understand that insurance companies base their payments on usual and customary fees (a pre-determined fee scale created by the insurance company). Each individual insurance company policy varies. We will work with you to maximize your benefits. It is up to the patient to know his/her specific benefits package. However, treatment should not be dictated by insurance coverage, but by findings, diagnosis, and recommendations of Blue Heron Dentistry.

For Delta Insured patients, we collect the entire fee for service the day of treatment. As a courtesy, we will continue to submit insurance claims for each patient. We do this because Delta sends the insurance check to the patient, not to our office.

* Regarding dental networks: We are not affiliated with any Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental network. It is our utmost priority to give our patients the best care available using the top of the line products, lab, and well-experienced staff. Being in a network forces us to take large write-offs/deductions from the insurance companies. By doing this we would have to resort to major cost cuts in our expenses therefore diminishing the quality of care we can provide. These particular dental plans offer less flexibility in accessing dental services and treatment costs. In some circumstances, the patient’s PPO policy does not reimburse us for the dental services that we provide, and in some cases the PPO provider dictates the treatment we can deliver, leaving patient’s with substandard care.

We Accept: Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. A returned check fee will be assessed to your account for every check that is returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF).

We Offer: In-house payment plans for some procedures and a dental line of credit with Wells Fargo and Care Credit (a dental line of credit). We also offer a “Pay out of Pocket” discount if patient does not carry dental coverage and pays in full with cash or check.

48-Hour Notice for Cancellations: A full life is a busy one, and sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel or reschedule your appointment. As a courtesy to other waiting patients and our staff, please notify us of any changes no later than 48-hours before your scheduled appointment. Otherwise, a $50.00 cancellation fee shall be charged to your account. Up to three (3) cancellations shall be charged before further penalties apply. Please schedule carefully and responsibly.

Minors with two separated or divorced parents: The parent that brings the child to Blue Heron Dentistry is responsible for all payments for the child’s care regardless of who carries insurance or how the decree is written. We will provide the receipts necessary to collect payments from the opposite parent as a courtesy.