Heather Maze, DDS
Patient Philosophy

Our vision is to develop a partnership of trust, goodwill and confidence demonstrated by the personal care we provide. We evaluate our patients’ expectations of dentistry in order to deliver optimal care from gentle hands.

We continually pursue higher education in our field so our patients can depend on us for guidance on all their health and dentistry needs and wants. In order to help our patients achieve the highest level of oral health available in dentistry, we educate them so they may choose and value the health that dentistry enhances.

My husband, sister, daughter and son-in-law are all patients and have only praise for the expertise and professionalism shown at Blue Heron Dentistry. At 71, my teeth are in great shape (all mine). Blue Heron works with their clients on patient education and prevention of future problems. Not only do they treat dental issues, their philosophy is to prevent body disease with the help of proper dental health. I appreciate

Patricia A

Your First Appointment: What to Expect

Expect to be pampered and cared for in a serene, spa-like atmosphere by a friendly, attentive staff. Hydrate with refreshing fruit-infused chilled water and choose to have a relaxing neck pillow or warmed covering for your feet and legs.

Dr. Maze turns her complete attention to you. She will collect information such as radiographs, impressions of your teeth, oral cancer screening, and a full periodontal evaluation. This your time. Express your dental concerns and expectations, and get to know Dr. Maze, who values this time to develop a one-on-one relationship and getting to know you personally.

After spending time with Dr. Maze, your next scheduled appointment will be with one of our dental hygienists.

Once you experience Blue Heron Dentistry you will never look at your dental visits the same way again.

Baseline Evaluation

We’ll begin with an evaluation of your mouth, teeth and gums to determine what is needed to obtain and maintain optimal conditions, including beneficial habits to improve your everyday oral and whole health wellness.

Digital Radiographs: Reduced Radiation, Better Images

Digital X-rays provide sharp, clear images right on our computer screen in real time, requiring just a fraction of radiation compared to traditional X-ray films. We explain your diagnosis and show you the problem immediately.

View Your Teeth Real-Time with the Dentist

Intra-oral cameras show images of your teeth projected onto a monitor. See the condition of your mouth, any areas of concern for cavities or wear, and treatment or preventive strategies, and take an active role in your dental health care.

Gum Evaluation

A detailed examination of your gums is performed to determine their health. If periodontal disease is found, we’ll discuss associated risks, treatment and care options, and a prognosis to obtain and maintain a healthy mouth.

Oral Cancer Screening

We examine all the soft and hard tissues of the mouth, including the tongue and the floor of the mouth, as well as the lymph nodes surrounding the oral cavity and in the neck.

TMJ Evaluation

Dr. Maze checks for any abnormalities in the bite, jaw or associated muscles, which could contribute to pain, headaches and wearing down or damaging teeth.

Spot Pathologies Invisible to the Naked Eye

High definition loupes (glasses) enable us to spot pathologies in teeth that would not be visible to the naked eye.


Depending on what we learn during the comprehensive preventive exam, we will review findings at that time. If additional analyses are needed, we will schedule a follow up review appointment.

Our family has been happily seeing Dr. Maze for years now.
She and her staff provide excellent professional services in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Claudia S

Blue Heron Dentistry –
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Easy to reach from I-77 @ Route 18 (Medina Road), and just minutes from Montrose, Bath, Granger and Sharon Townships, Blue Heron Dentistry is in a free-standing building with ample free parking and a traffic light at the entrance to our driveway. Click here for directions.

Blue Heron Dentistry is Committed to Your Overall Health

Experience complete dental care in a spa-like setting, where you can relax and receive high-level treatments,
screenings and guidance to maintain optimal health. Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t worry. Join the Club!

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