Comprehensive Exams

Bring your whole family to have your routine dental exams at Blue Heron Dentistry. We provide regular comprehensive exams to check the health of your teeth, gums and jaw. We’ll ensure everything is as it should be and help you maintain your oral health, or we’ll suggest a solution if we catch a problem during your exam. Regular exams help prevent dental issues from forming by catching them early. When dental issues are caught quickly, our dental team can solve them with a minimal amount of intervention.

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Regular Exams Covered by Dental Insurance

Most dental insurance covers at least some of the cost of comprehensive exams, which are part of your regularly scheduled dental check-ups. Similar to a physical with your doctor, a regular exam checks the state of your oral health once or twice per year. The goal is to encourage you to keep up healthy habits while catching and solving problems like gum disease or cavities as they may arise. The sooner we can catch any dental issues, the more manageable the treatment tends to be.

While many people like to avoid the dentist and are nervous about check-ups and treatments, the longer they stay away, the more likely they are to need more extensive dental work. So it’s better to come in early and often, and that way, we can help you maintain good oral health. The more you come, the more at ease you should feel about your dental visits. As a family dental office, we help children feel comfortable as well.

Frequency of Exams

Proper preventive dental care usually includes two visits per year, although this may vary. Both visits would include a check-up with your dental hygienist and our dentist, Dr. Heather Maze. We will look at your teeth and gums, as well as ask if you’re have any concerns.

We would then take X-rays to see if there are any issues within the tooth or root. Depending on your situation, you may receive X-rays every six months, once a year, or every two years, and as needed if we a problem is found. Your dental insurance should cover X-rays to a certain frequency, such as once a year.

A comprehensive exam indicates to our dental hygienist and dentist whether there are problems we need to address. The exam could catch tooth decay, cracked or broken teeth, tooth grinding, periodontal disease or other problems. If we notice a problem, we would thoroughly discuss it with you and talk about treatment options to restore your oral health.

Set Up Your Appointment

A regular dental check-up appointment includes both a comprehensive exam and cleaning. Schedule annual dental exams for you and your whole family by calling our office at 330.668.1016.

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Blue Heron Dentistry is an exceptional practice. I have a great fear of dentistry.
Their hygienist comforted me and made the experience better than I had anticipated.
Dr. Maze did an exceptional job restoring my two cavities,
making it a pain free experience. I would recommend this office to all of my friends.

Megan C

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