Porcelain Crowns

A tooth crown offers a dental solution when you have a damaged tooth. It can restore the appearance and function of your teeth so you can go back to smiling, eating and talking normally. We provide porcelain crowns as part of our restorative dentistry services at Blue Heron Dentistry in Copley, OH. We’re here to provide an exam or second opinion to see if crowns would be the right treatment for you, and we’ll help you decide on the best treatment for your situation.

Diagram of porcelain crowns

Crowns as a Restorative Treatment

A tooth crown gives us a way to treat tooth damage by improving both the appearance and the strength of the tooth. There may be other treatment options for your situation as well, and we can discuss whether a crown is the right one.

Crowns give an effective way to treat teeth that are misshapen, small, injured or decayed. It is a helpful treatment when you’ve lost a significant portion of the natural tooth or it is too weak to function correctly. This could be from decay, a large filling without much natural tooth left or a tooth that has had a root canal.

You may want a tooth crown for cosmetic reasons to help a tooth look better, or it could add protection and strength to a tooth that is weak from decay, cracking or other injury. The crown offers both look and function by covering the natural tooth with a strong, hollow piece that resembles the look of a real tooth. By using porcelain crowns that are tooth-colored and realistic in appearance, we ensure that the cover looks entirely natural and seamless within your smile.

Porcelain Crown Services

If you and our dentist Dr. Maze decide together that a tooth crown is the right option for you, she would reshape your natural tooth so it can hold the crown. Then, she would place the replacement crown over top of your reshaped tooth. She would use cement so the tooth crown stays permanently in place. It completely covers the tooth with a porcelain piece, making it look as if you have a natural tooth in that space.

Other ways we could use a crown is for holding a dental bridge or covering dental implants we have used to replace missing teeth roots. We would determine the treatment based on your unique dental situation.

Set Up an Evaluation

During an evaluation appointment, Dr. Maze can check the problem with your tooth or teeth and recommend treatments. She can guide you to whether a crown would be the best option, and if so, she can perform the crown treatment at Blue Heron Dentistry. Call 330.668.1016 to set up your evaluation appointment and get started.

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