Composite Fillings

Fillings are a type of restorative dentistry that treat dental cavities, also known as caries. We hope to take care of a cavity before it progresses. If you’re searching “emergency dentist near me” for tooth pain or if you’ve been diagnosed with a cavity, we can provide an exam and see if composite fillings are the answer.

Before and after composite fillings

Fillings as a Restorative Treatment

Fillings provide an effective solution for dental cavities. You may discover a cavity during your regular dental exam when it shows up on an X-ray. Otherwise, if left untreated, a cavity may cause toothache or could progress to infection and even tooth loss.

A severe cavity may require a root canal or tooth removal to fix. But our goal is to treat the problem as soon as possible. That’s why regular teeth cleanings and check-ups are so important, because they can help prevent cavities and catch them before they progress.

The Filling Process

For composite fillings, Dr. Maze removes the tooth decay in your natural tooth and cleans out the area. Then, she fills it with the composite material and it hardens. When complete, the filling stops tooth decay from progressing. The full process restores the strength and function of the tooth so you can go back to normal chewing, talking and smiling.

We may also use composite fillings to fix a chipped or cracked tooth. Fillings provide a natural-looking option that restores the strength and appearance of the damaged tooth. Reach out as soon as possible if you need an emergency dentist for your chipped tooth or cracked tooth, and we can see if composite fillings would be the answer.

Composite Fillings

At Blue Heron Dentistry, we use the most modern materials for our patients. This translates to composite and hard ceramic materials that mimic the look of your real teeth. Rather than opening your mouth to teeth full of metal, tooth-colored fillings look natural. They perfectly blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Another important benefit of composite fillings is that they’re stronger, more stable and longer lasting compared to older materials. They can withstand chewing and will restore the strength and beauty of your tooth to its pre-cavity state.

Come In for a Check-Up

During annual dental exams and cleanings, we always check for cavities. But if you have tooth pain, or a cracked or chipped tooth, please contact us any time. We will address the problem at hand and provide composite fillings if it fits the situation. Contact our office at 330.668.1016 to make your appointment.

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Blue Heron Dentistry is an exceptional practice. I have a great fear of dentistry.
Their hygienist comforted me and made the experience better than I had anticipated.
Dr. Maze did an exceptional job restoring my two cavities,
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