Why You SHOULD Do Green Juicing

Juicing allows the digestive track to absorb nutrients faster into the bloodstream and allows more concentration of vitamins & nutrients to enter the body at one time. Green juices particularly boost antioxidant levels and strengthen your immune system. Always add a citric acid (lemons/limes) to the green juice to cut the sugar level from other fruit & vegetables. ***

Green apples

Bok Choy
Kale & Dandelion

Wheatgrass, Oat grass,
Barley grass, Rye grass

These are antioxidants, decrease inflammation, alkaline, bioflavonoids
They have reduced sugar content and contain procydin which has cancer fighting properties
Hydrating for joints, skin, tissues and also alkalizing
Helps stabilize body pH
Phenol antioxidant that destroys free radicals (important in cancer fighting)
Source of Chlorophyll, anti -inflammatory, immune boosting
Extremely rich in Vitamins A,B2,C,K, magnesium & folate
High in chlorophyll and Vitamins & minerals, antioxidant
Antioxidants, phytonutirents & contain chloropyll, helps pull heavy metals out of the body, detoxificating
These are gluten free, low carb & nutrient dense and best juiced alone, but be aware, these are very strong tasting and not every juicer can handle these grasses, so consult your owner’s manual first.
One of the most powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants and detoxifier

***For a green juice, you can add anything you want, and to get the most benefit
from the juice you must always be aware to keep the 80/20 ratio in mind when
mixing ingredients. 80% green veggies, 20% fruit. As you get used to juicing, your
ratios can go higher for veggies & less fruit